What to Expect

When you bring your children to one of our preschool classrooms, they receive Biblical education and loving care through trained teachers in a safe, clean environment. Our curriculum is Bible-based, activity-centered, and age-appropriate. Preschoolers learn most effectively through play and interaction! Playtime is a fun learning time for preschoolers at FBA!

We help preschoolers learn about God's Word through activity teaching, which occurs when a teacher guides play to achieve a purpose. Play can be used for developmental teaching purposes from the earliest ages. Each session focuses around a Bible story and activities to support that lesson theme. As your child grows, he will learn Biblical truths through activities involving books, puzzles, dramatic play, nature, music and art. Your child will actively explore Bible truths in ways that involve him wholly with meaning he can understand. The curriculum used to guide each session is developed by LifeWay Christian Resources.