Family Dedication Service

Our Family Dedication Service provides a special time for our church family to acknowledge and celebrate with parents who desire to dedicate themselves to raising and nurturing their children in the ways of the Lord.

In order to participate in Family Dedication, parents must attend our Parent Orientation Class which normally occurs the Sunday prior to the Dedication Service. This Parent Orientation Class prepares parents for the format of the Family Dedication Service, as well as offering parents an overview of FBA's resources available for young families.

Requirements for participation in a Family Dedication Service:

Parents of the child/children being dedicated must be:

  1. Currently married and living in the same household.
  2. -OR-

  3. A single parent living alone.

All parents must be current, active members of FBA.

All parents must attend the Parent Orientation class prior to participating in a Family Dedication Service.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming Family Dedication Service, please fill out the form below.