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Smart Parenting in a Digital World

Smart Parenting in a Digital World

September 13 | 5-9 p.m.
Faith Hall & Worship Center
$10 Per Household | Dinner Included

Learn to guard your family's hearts and minds at Smart Parenting in a Digital World, a two-part event designed to raise the awareness of harmful technology surrounding your children and address the hard-hitting issues they face each day.

By learning the explicit dangers that electronic devices expose to our family members each day, Tal Prince, nationally recognized author and speaker, will provide you the tools to create a more positive online experience.

Although adults and students are encouraged to attend, we must note that not all material will be suitable for listening ears. Mature audiences (ages 11+) are required for the occasion.

The cost of the event includes one household admission, dinner, gift, and childcare for the family.

Missionary Adoption Program

You can make a huge impact in the life of a missionary family by becoming a part of the Missionary Adoption Program. When you adopt a missionary, you are not accepting any financial responsibility. You are simply agreeing to pray weekly, correspond monthly with emails, letters, or cards, and send them special occasion cards.


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