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A Note from Your Pastor

Dear Giver,

Thank you for your willingness to give to First Baptist Church Atlanta as we work to further the Kingdom of God. The Bible is very clear about giving. You may say, “Well, I really want to obey God.” This is just one part of it, but it’s a valuable part and here’s the reason. Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world, preaching the gospel to every creature. He said “you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be My witnesses…”

I want you to remember that every time you give it’s not just a command, it is a privilege. It’s a privilege to make it possible for people to go and preach the gospel to all the world. Think about this: do you know why you are saved today? Because someone over in Europe came to the United States with the gospel and sacrificed. They struggled to make a life, but they spread the gospel so that you and I could be saved. We owe it to those who have yet to hear the truth. I pray that you will always give in that Spirit, by saying, “God, it is a privilege to take part in sharing the Gospel.”

Dr. Charles Stanley

Giving Options

Tithes and Offering: A tithe is the first tenth of your income. Offering is above and beyond that. These funds given will cover the budget set forth and approved by the congregation of First Baptist Atlanta.

Global Missions | Faith Promise: Click here to visit our Faith Promise website. These funds will go toward supporting our 108 career missionaries all over the world.

Short-term Mission Trips: Click here to see a list of current short-term mission trips. When giving, you may specify which trip you would like your funds to support and which individual you are supporting.

Benevolence: These funds will be used to help those of the Church and surrounding community in need financially.

Building Projects: The church will have on-going projects that will need additional funding not set forth by the operating budget.