Missionary Adoption Program

Would you consider showing appreciation, value, encouragement, and love to one of our missionaries by participating in the Missionary Adoption Program (MAP)? FBA has 82 families in full-time ministry work. Yet, despite the large size of our congregation, it is surprising that we have missionaries with only one or two adopters under MAP. You can change that. Missionaries may be adopted by church members, families, and Sunday School classes.

Perhaps with a better understanding of MAP, you might consider adopting a missionary. One of the biggest misconceptions about MAP is that there is a financial obligation involved. That is not the case. Our missionaries receive financial support through Faith Promise giving.

All that MAP requires is a willing heart and a commitment to stay in touch with a missionary. As an adopter, you will be blessed as you get to know them personally and read newsletters about their ministry work. Most important of all, through them, you help to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many of our missionaries are strangers in foreign countries thousands of miles from family and friends. They face numerous challenges on the mission field. They much adjust to a new culture, language and way of life while fighting spiritual opposition to their mission work. They must find schools for their children. They deal with homesickness, especially during the holidays. Finally, they struggle with feelings of being disconnected or forgotten by their home church.

To help you select a missionary to adopt, please fill of the form below.

MAP Adopter Graphic