Decision Counseling

Decision Counseling

Whether a believer 'in Christ' or someone uncertain of a relationship with God, coping with life's challenges and demands through self-reliance can often lead to isolation, depression, anxiety, and relational breakdown. In addition, uncertainty can create fear and often a 'faith crisis'. The Decision Ministry offers Biblical and Christ-centered solutions to the challenges of living in today's world. At the end of each Sunday service adult members of our church family, visitors to FBA, and those who are looking for a relationship with God can meet with a counselor. In the Decision Room, with prayer, His word and the Holy Spirit's presence, God can encourage, heal, and restore broken lives through the transformative power of His Holy Spirit. Seek and you will find newness of life 'in Christ' at the FBA Decision Room.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing a warm, compassionate, accepting and Biblically based counseling experience.

Ministry Objectives

  1. In the Decision Room, assess the spiritual need of each person who visits the Decision Room. Encourage and pray with them relying on the Holy Spirit to guide the encounter and express Himself through both the counselor and the person in need.
  2. Introduce the visitor to fellowship in our FBA church family through First Class membership and Sunday School discipleship.
  3. At the end of First Class, confirm with a counselee their eligibility to become a member of FBA by listening to their salvation testimony that was then followed by baptism by immersion. Explain how to become integrated into the FBA church family.

Ministry Values

Decision Counseling is an important ministry at FBA and participation in the ministry as a Decision Counselor should not be entered into lightly. God’s command to serve one another in love and to act as ambassadors for Christ to a hurting world reflect foundational precepts of the Decision Ministry. Though we may deal with life-changing decisions, we do so with assurance because our confidence is in the work of the Holy Spirit and not in our own ability. The leadership of this ministry will endeavor to train and equip counselors to continually surrender to God's presence and minister through His power.

We counsel from a Biblical and Christ-centered perspective. The most effective way to minister by His power is to disciple through His Word and in prayer with Him. When we rely on God’s Word and the presence of His Holy Spirit, opinion becomes God’s truth. As His instruction is received and understood, it can then be applied in the life of a believer as His will and for our blessing!

“For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12 NIV)

As with any leadership responsibility, there are both requirements and expectations for the position of Decision Counselor, many of which are noted in the Criteria for Involvement that follow.

Obligation or entitlement to counsel is not assumed by a Decision Counselor’s attendance in the Decision Room or at First Class. Nor does completion of both formal and informal training necessarily qualify one to counsel at FBA. It is acknowledged by all in the Decision Ministry that service is in response to a calling that God Himself has placed on the hearts of those participating, and that it is a blessing and gift to serve others all to God’s glory.

The following general requirements and expectations that are placed on a Decision Counselor are in no way meant to exclude anyone unnecessarily or to be a burden for participation. Participation is open to those who are called to serve others in love all to the glory of the Lord. We recognize the grace of God, and we minister accordingly. However, we believe that the Scriptural principle of accountability is vital to this very critical and high-impact ministry of Decision Counseling. Therefore, all volunteers in the ministry are under the supervision and authority of the Pastor and Director of the Counseling Ministry.

After reading the Criteria for Participation as a Decision Counselor, if you would like to apply to become a Decision Counselor, please complete the Application below.

Criteria for Participation


  1. Pray and believe God is calling you to serve in this area of ministry.
  2. Be a member in good standing of First Baptist Atlanta.
  3. Complete the Application submit it to the Director of the Counseling Ministry.
  4. Interview with the Director regarding Decision Counseling participation.
  5. Demonstrate competence in personal soul winning or evangelism.
  6. Be able to clearly articulate your personal salvation experience and your daily personal experiential relationship with Jesus Christ.


  1. Have regular, personal quiet time, including Scripture reading and study, and prayer.
  2. Faithfully attend the worship services and Sunday School.
  3. Faithfully support First Baptist Atlanta financially.
  4. Set a positive Christian example.
  5. Be available to counsel both in the Decision Room and at First Class.
  6. Attend Decision Counseling training as scheduled by the Counseling Director including ‘on-the-job training.’
  7. Be surrendered to the Life of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit who indwells you.

Personal Characteristics

  1. Be physically, psychologically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
  2. Have a genuine interest in serving others in love, with patience, and through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Be teachable and able to communicate clearly and concisely.
  4. Effectivly communicate the Gospel, teaching or explaining how an unsaved person can have a personal relationship with God though the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This message is often described as ‘walking with someone down the Romans road to salvation.’
  5. Be able to maintain absolute confidentiality regarding the conversations had with those who are counseled and prayed with.