From Home to Preschool

What should I remember to bring?

All oral medication must be administered by a parent or adult guardian. Special instructions regarding allergies must be kept current on your Family Ministry Profile. Other instructions concerning sleeping, feeding, and toileting for your younger preschooler must always be communicated on the special instruction form.

Toddlers and older preschoolers are served a snack of water and crackers in the classroom. Snack time provides an opportunity for socialization and the food helps to keep up the children’s energy level.

It is best not to allow your child to bring personal toys or other possessions to class. Doing so may cause friction with other children and difficulty for the teachers, resulting in a negative experience for your child.

What should my child wear?

Because preschoolers love to run, jump and play, we suggest you dress your child in comfortable, loose-fitting, machine-washable clothing. This will help them enjoy unrestricted movement. It is usually best not to dress boys in suits and ties, or girls in stiff dresses with lots of frills and lace.

Preschoolers beginning to potty-train need to have an extra change of clothing in a labeled bag. Please provide clothing that is easy to take off and put on.

Preschoolers love art activities and going to the playground. Although smocks are used to protect clothing in art activities, occasional markings from tempera paint or scuffs from the playground may occur.

Should I bring food?

Infants will be fed formula, milk or water as provided by the parents in plastic bottles. All bottles need to be labeled (example: Johnny Smith/Apple juice). We do not feed baby food or other meals to children in our Preschool Ministry Please feed your preschooler prior to them being dropped off in one of our classrooms.

We provide a room for nursing mothers. Older siblings and other family members are asked to wait in the preschool lobby. Men are not allowed in the Nursing Room.

Is there a place to park my stroller?

For safety reasons, designated stroller parking areas are provided within the preschool hallways. Please refrain from bringing strollers into the nursing room or leaving them in undesignated areas. Even in designated areas, please be wise about leaving valuables in your stroller.