Celebration Orchestra Member Guide

Membership is open to all players in Grades 7-12 with at least two years playing experience -- or adult players who want to get back in shape.

Strings, Woodwinds, Brass
Percussion, Keyboards
Rhythm Section -- rhythm players must read music

Attendance Policy
Be here. We need all of us to sound our best. If parts are missing, it greatly affects what we can do. If you need to miss, make sure that it's God's idea for you to miss, and let the director know ahead of time.

Please plan ahead for school projects and assignments so that you have time to come to rehearsal as well.

Spiritual Preparation
Scripture teaches that only those with clean hands and a pure heart may stand in His holy place (Psalm 24:3-4). Orchestra members need to be right with God to be usable by Him.

We also need to be growing in our walk with Him, through personal prayer and study of His Word.

Musical Preparation
In II Samuel 24:24, we're encouraged to make costly sacrifices to God. Orchestra members should be ready to play what is needed each week. Regular playing during the week is essential to musical growth. Players are encouraged to take music home and practice the music. Private lessons are available through our Academy of Performing Arts.

Players need to be ready to begin at the given time, which necessitates arriving in time to warm up and get music together. Afternoon traffic can be difficult -- so players need to do their best and come as soon as they can get here.

Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in the orchestra room

All orchestra members need to attend rehearsals. Rehearsals are for the benefit of both the individual player and the group as a whole. Each player improves and the group improves from the participation of strong players.

We play once a month in the Wednesday evening service.

Dress for all services is nice clothes -- no jeans, no shorts. Ladies need to dress with modesty.


6:00 p.m. Rehearsal in the orchestra room
6:15 p.m. Move to the pit through the back doors in the north hallway
6:25 p.m. Sound check in the Worship Center
6:35 p.m. Brief break
6:40 p.m. Return to the pit
6:45 p.m. Service

While we are playing during the worship service, please avoid watching the image screens. They distract us from keeping our attention on the music and the conductor.

After we play, we lower the pit and leave the same way we came in.