Atlanta Worship Choir


Our House

The ministry of the 280-voice Worship Choir of First Baptist Atlanta strives for excellence in song, service, and spirit through the strength of Jesus Christ, our Lord. The choir has been blessed with many opportunities to present the gospel through a wide variety of music to people all over the world, in weekly services, numerous broadcasts, recordings and concert venues. The real work of choir happens behind the scenes where we prepare our hearts and minds so we may offer our highest praise and deepest worship to an audience of One.


Welcome To Our House 

There is nothing like being a part of the family of God and serving Him in the Worship Ministry of First Baptist Atlanta. Before becoming a choir member, every member was first a visitor and visitors are our most honored and cherished guests. We strive to make each visitor’s experience the finest. Visitors are warmly welcomed to attend any Wednesday choir rehearsal to learn more about choir membership and serving in this ministry.


Our Family Tree

In every family, there are members who fulfill certain family functions, needs and roles. Our choir family is no different. In addition to singing, choir members have an opportunity to serve the choir through various leadership roles such as our Choir Board, Care Group Leader, Events, Hospitality, Member Care, Mentoring New Members, Prayer Warriors, Robe Ministry, and Section Leaders. There is a place for every choir member to serve our family.


My Brother’s Keeper

So we may well-care for one another, two of the most important relationships for a choir member are their Mentor and Care Group Leader. Mentors make a new member’s transition into choir easy by making sure the new member has a smooth and successful onboarding experience. To account for each of our members and to minister to the various needs of our choir, each choir member has a Care Group Leader who cares for them through contact, prayer and encouragement.


Family Trips

Choir members develop life-long friendships through singing and serving at FBA but what makes relationships more meaningful is when we spend time traveling together. The choir has been blessed with opportunities to perform, tour and serve locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.


Being a Good Neighbor

There is no greater commandment than to love your neighbor as yourself. So we may fulfill this commandment, the choir ministers outside the walls of FBA by serving our neighboring communities through various projects and initiatives. Serving others is tantamount to serving our Lord. When we have done things unto the least of these, we’ve done things as unto Him. 


House Rules

The choir is made up of volunteer-believers from all walks of life, backgrounds, and circumstances who come together to rehearse, worship and serve. For us to deliver our best offering to the Lord in song, we must be diligent and faithful in our attendance at rehearsals and services. So we may best represent our Lord to others, it is important we conduct ourselves with an attitude of reverence and holiness. So we may be a light unto the world, it’s imperative the world see the Light in us.