Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteering at the MCC is for me a call from God, very similar to His call to others to the mission field.  It’s helping others-the joy of service, whether in nominal tasks, encouragement or prayer.  It’s serving shoulder to shoulder with other like-minded volunteers.  Interaction with the missionaries is the icing on the cake-the thrill of seeing practical and spiritual needs met, and knowing God has used me in some way in their lives. What an honor to have assisted those on God’s “front lines” for over 20 years so far. “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us”..Psalm 90:17 KJV
Dorothy Swartzell

Volunteering at the MCC is a joyful and fulfilling way to serve the Lord.  The personal contact with the missionaries who are serving all over the world is certainly a blessing! It has been my pleasure to have served in the MCC for over 5 years and still volunteering three days a week.
Marie Auffant

Who would ever know that my years with Joseph A. Banks clothing would led me to volunteer with the MCC. God has certainly blessed this decision in many ways.  It’s a constant opportunity to enjoy special Godly co-volunteers, mission families, working in an environment of love, joy, humility, learning and seeing great faith put to the test.  Many thanks for the experience.
Mr. Carol Morin

Serving God as a volunteer in the Missionary Care Center has been a real blessing for me. The missionary family is welcomed and greeted by friendly volunteers and soon introduced to the “shopping area.”  The center is inviting and excellently maintained.  My favorite part has been watching missionaries find just what they need and even many times–that extra desire.  Recently, I was able to show a missionary lady a beautiful suit that I thought would meet her need.  It fit her perfectly and she said, “I never thought I would have something so nice.”  As we pray with them at the close of their visit, we always thank the Lord for those of the FBA family who gave the items.  It is very humbling to see the thankfulness of joy, and excitement as God supplies the needs of His missionary servants.
Janelle Jones

As a Bible-believing Christian, I have been taught to tithe my time, talent and treasure.  Serving in the Missionary Care Center is one way for me to live up to that commitment.  It is my pleasure to talk with the missionaries who serve in the field when they come to the center as they have need.  I often have the opportunity to interact with the gentlemen in their fitting of a suit, a dress shirt, or trousers and other clothing needs.  I thank the Lord for the leadership, volunteers and the godly fellowship we have as we work together day by day.