Class List: 9 a.m.

Class Age Room Teacher
Preschool Birth - 4 North Hall  
Children Grades K - 5 FBA Kids' World  
Middle School Grades 6 - 8 Middle School Area  
High School Grades 9 - 12 High School Area  
The Great Adventure Mid 40s - Early 50s 2410 David Dedman
Journey in Faith Mid 40s - Early 50s 2456 Almon Barnwell
Life Lessons Mid 40s - Early 50s 2610 Alonzo Ward
The Abiding Life Late 40s - Early 50s 2640 D'Sena Morehead
Making a Difference All Ages 2420 Tony Andrews
Understanding the Bible for Spiritual Growth Late 40s - Early 50s 2630

Rev. Peter Urdanick

Walking in the Spirit Late 50s - Early 60s 1373 David Henkel
Wisdom Seekers All Ages 2430 Bill Vescovo
Deaf Followers of Christ All 1375 Ed Crafter
Men of Promise Mid 30s - Early 60s 2454 Bill Kelly
Men, Inc. Mid 30s - Early 60s 2452 Willie Young
Ladies of Faith Mid 40s - Early 50s 2455 Carol Kelly
The Amazing Collection All 2440 Donna Ford
Discovering God All 1370 Jennifer Rosania
Married Life One
An Incredible Marriage All 2657 Allen Johnson
Grace Life 2A Mid 30s & Above 1652 Armando Asebedo
Meridian Adults      
Supplementing Your Faith Early 60s & Above 1376 Greg Nicholaides
Truth & Grace Early 60s & Above 1550 Dr. Richard Douglas
Builders (Women's Class) Early 70s & Above 1360 Sue Ellen Deadwyler
John Lake Class (Men's Class) Mid 70s & Above 1372 Jule Spears
ESL Personal Bible Studies All 2453 Stan Singleton
Spanish Sunday School Class All 2660 Carlos Garcia


Backpack & Oversized Bag Policy
In an effort to enhance the safety and protection of our members and guests, we have established a strict policy prohibiting backpacks and similar-sized bags on property. Any bag in question will be subject to immediate search by a member of the FBA Security team. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.