Class List: 10:45 a.m.

Class Age Room Teacher
Preschool Birth - 4 North Hall  
Children Grades K -  5 FBA Kids' World  
Middle School Grades 6 - 8 Middle School Area  
High School Grades 9 - 12 High School Area  
God's Masterpieces Special Needs
(K & Older)
FBA Kids' World  
The Reasoning Class Early 40s - Late 50s 2455 Frank Broderick
Full Potential Early 40s - Late 40s 2454 Willie Barnes
Chosen People Mid 40s - Mid 50s 2430 Pastor Paul Diamond
Lifelines Mid 40s - Mid 50s 2440 Darryl Dawson
Victory in Christ Mid 40s - Mid 50s 2452 Jeremiah Knight
Closer Walk Early 50s - Late 50s 1376 Steve Morgan
Crossroads Mid 40s & Above 2451 Donald Mabe
Mastering the Message Early 60s - Late 60s 1553 David Hill
Exchanged Life All 2620 Francis Kung'u
Living the Life All 2655 Christopher Walker
College & Young Professionals      
C2 Late Teens - Mid 20s The Warehouse Deon Robertson
Married Life One
New Families Early 20s - Early 30s 2610 Marcus Robinson
Young Families Early 20s - Late 30s 2657 Joe Somers
Soul Mates Early 30s - Late 50s 2650 Charles Kihumba
Mission Possible Mid 20s - Mid 30s 1612 Elizabeth Sorg
Grace Life Mid 30s & Above 1652 Chris Ward
In Focus Mid 30s & Above 1620 Keith Smith
Life Points Mid 30s & Above 1610 Damian Holmes
Meridian Adults      
Boomers Early 50s - Early 70s 2420 Allen Maddox
Eternal Seekers Mid 50s & Above 1550 Dr. Steve Reed
Crusaders Early 60s & Above 1370 Dr. Scott Downing
Faith Class Late 60s & Above 1360 Ken Warford
International All 2410 Veena Malhotra
Spanish Worship All Chapel Carlos Garcia
ESL Personal Bible Studies All 2453 Stan Singleton


Backpack & Oversized Bag Policy
In an effort to enhance the safety and protection of our members and guests, we have established a strict policy prohibiting backpacks and similar-sized bags on property. Any bag in question will be subject to immediate search by a member of the FBA Security team. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.