Adult Life Online Classes

Welcome to the Adult Life classroom dashboard! We have plenty of classes for you to choose from that allow you to safely connect with one another during this time. Just click the link below to let us know that you're interested and one of our team members will respond to your inquiry.

We look forward to connecting with you throughout the week! Register here.

General Classes Time Teacher Connection
Crossroads 9 a.m. Donald Mabe Zoom
Exchanged Life 9 a.m. Francis Kung'u Zoom
Victory in Christ 9 a.m. Jeremiah Knight Zoom
Wisdom Seekers 9 a.m. Bill Vescovo Zoom
Making a Difference 9:15 a.m. Tony Andrews Teleconference
Living the Life 9:20 a.m. Chris Walker Zoom
Abiding Life 9:30 a.m. D'Sena Morehead Zoom
Closer Walk 9:30 a.m. Steve Morgan Zoom
Great Adventure 9:30 a.m. David Dedman and Mike Rann Teleconference
Full Potential 11:45 a.m. Willie Barnes Zoom
Lifelines 11:45 a.m. Daryl Dawson Zoom
The Reasoning Noon Frank Broderick Zoom
Deaf Followers of Christ 12:30 p.m. Ed Crafter Zoom
Chosen People 1:30 p.m. Pastor Paul Diamond Zoom
Life Lessons 4 p.m. Alonzo Ward Zoom
Women's Classes Time Teacher Connection
Ladies of Faith 9 a.m. Carol Kelly Zoom
The Amazing Collection 9 a.m. Donna Ford Zoom
Men's Classes Time Teacher Connection
Men of Promise 9:15 a.m. Bill Kelly Zoom
Young Married Classes Time Teacher Connection
Soul Mates 9 a.m. Charles Kihumba Zoom
New Families 9:30 a.m. Marcus Robinson Zoom
An Incredible Marriage Noon Micah and Maria Thorning Zoom
International Classes Time Teacher Connection
ESL Personal Bible Study 9 a.m. Stan Singleton Zoom
Spanish Class 9 a.m. Carlos Garcia Zoom
General Classes Time Teacher Connection
Walking in the Spirit 7 p.m. David Henkel Zoom
General Classes Time Teacher Connection
Meridian Midweek 3:30 p.m. Willie Hart Teleconference
General Classes Time Teacher Connection
Understanding the Bible 7:30 p.m. Peter Urdanick Zoom
Men's Classes Time Teacher Connection
Addiction Support Group 7 p.m. Willie Young Teleconference