Mission and Vision


Our mission is to support First Baptist Atlanta’s vision to touch the world with the Word of God, motivated by a passion for God and a compassion for people. We strive to meet the nutritional, social, aesthetic and economic needs of our diverse congregation and employees with varied and innovative food service programs.


At the First Baptist Atlanta Food Service Ministry, our purpose is to use the vehicle of food to feed the Kingdom by providing excellence in quality and service to all we serve.

Food is a vital part of life; we want staff, members and guests to experience camaraderie and fellowship while enjoying a great meal. Church food service has come a long way since covered dishes – which are almost non-existent here. We believe food is a necessary element to maintain FBA’s ministry events and programs. This keeps us extremely busy! We run a professional kitchen staffed with nine full-time employees, including a kitchen manager, sous chef, line cooks, pastry cook and dishwashers – not to mention the volunteers who are just as important as the paid staff.

Though the food we serve is of a higher quality than most area restaurants, our real business is people. The availability of food makes it easier for people to come to church on a busy Wednesday evening or stop by for lunch to fellowship with other believers. God has blessed us with the opportunity to reach people with the love and message of Jesus Christ. When God shows his grace to someone through our food service, it makes everything we do worthwhile.