Premarital Counseling

1112563_couple3First Baptist Atlanta believes in the biblical definition of marriage. Scripture teaches in Genesis 1:27 that God created the first two human beings as male and female, designing them to complete one another and intending their sacred union as the means of procreation for the human race. We believe that marriage is the exclusive union of a man and a woman in covenant with one another and with God for life (Genesis 2:24). We reserve the right to abide by these biblical convictions as a matter of obedience to Almighty God and in the exercise of our religious liberty guaranteed us in the United States Constitution. 

For a Christ-centered approach that will help your marriage get off to a good start, our premarital counseling is designed to provide biblical guidance before you are married to help prevent serious problems and divorce.

Premarital counseling may be facilitated by the pastor performing the ceremony, a staff counselor or through a short-term mentoring program which pairs engaged couples with trained lay couples from the Counseling Ministry who will help equip the engaged couple in understanding the Biblical principles for a successful marriage.

The First Baptist Church (FBA) counseling staff desires to help prepare couples for a lasting marriage through application of Scriptures focused on the marriage commitment (Genesis 2:24 ; Matthew 19:6 ). All couples who schedule their weddings at FBA are required to satisfactorily complete premarital counseling.

6189893_couple1Becoming a participant in premarital counseling involves completing intake material that includes the Prepare/Enrich Questionnaire and Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis (TJTA). These assessments will be used to indicate areas of compatibility and lack of compatibility in a couple’s relationship.

Premarital counseling is held in the mentors’ homes or at FBA. This produces an atmosphere where a couple can experience positive results in a caring and comfortable space.

If you would like to participate in premarital counseling, click here to request the Intake Documents or contact the Counseling Ministry for more information at 770-234-8360 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..