Counseling Model

If you decide to participate in our counseling program, over a period of 12 to 16 weeks, you will experience Godly solutions for problem-solving, dealing with relationships and forgiving others. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the purpose of trials, adversity and surrender, as well as how to apply Biblical truths in everyday situations.

Your counselor will use a specific process to help you appropriate biblical truths. Each stage of this process is built on the one before and consists of several sessions. Here’s how it works:


At your first visit, we’ll get to know you and give you an opportunity to explain the reason you’ve come for counseling. You’ll set some goals for what you would like to see happen from receiving counseling. We’ll also provide you with an overview of the counseling process.


Once you have been informed of the process and we have your permission to continue with counseling, subsequent sessions will include: Taking your personal history and getting a record of the problem. Providing feedback and identifying false beliefs and defeating behaviors that have been brought into your relationships. Gaining an understanding of Who God is and your identity in Christ. Presenting God’s truth about how to correctly handle adversity, brokenness, surrender and forgiveness. Learning how to relinquish dependency on old ways of meeting needs and trusting in Christ’s sufficiency to meet all of your needs.


Toward the end of the process, several visits will be dedicated to showing you how to apply what you have learned through counseling to everyday problems in marriage, on the job, in your career and in relationships with others. You’ll practice how to renew and set your mind on Christ and rest from your own attempts to make life work.