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Wedding Requirements

First Baptist Church Atlanta is pleased to offer its facilities and staff, to make your wedding ceremony a beautiful and worshipful event. A wedding ceremony is a spiritual covenant with God. Everything pertaining to the wedding must be viewed and planned in that context, in order to tie the hand and hearts of couples to Christ and His church. Dr. Stanley, the ministers, and the support ministries staff, wish to assist you in every possible way so that your wedding will be a relaxed and sacred event, exalting and glorifying to God.

All couples using our facilities for their weddings must meet the following requirements:

  1. Either the bride or groom must be a member of FBA (or one of their parents.)
  2. Both the bride and groom must be born-again believers in Jesus Christ.
  3. Both must have similar Biblically based theological backgrounds.
  4. There must be Scriptural grounds for the marriage.
  5. All couples must complete a Premarital Counseling Course, approved by the Counseling Office of FBA.
  6. Due to the heavy scheduling of our facilities for church programs and weddings, requests for weddings should be made at least five months in advance so that you may secure your preferred date and have time to complete the FBA premarital counseling. In some instances, a date for your wedding may be secured in less time, if approved and counseling has already been completed. The FBA Director of Counseling will determine this.

Our counselors will be glad to discuss, in detail, the above requirements on an individual basis. You may call 770-234-8300 and ask for the FBA Counseling Ministry or the Wedding Coordinator for more information.