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Volunteer for Vacation Bible School

June 22 - 26
We need your helping hands! Make a difference in the life of a child this summer by volunteering to teach or help with other needs for VBS. Be there to witness the kids’ Journey Off the Map as they learn to trust God in all things!

Volunteers will also be needed for our Middle School Camp David. Pray about where God would have you serve this summer, and register to help out!

BIG SHOT - KW Choir Musical

May 13 | 6:45 p.m. | First Act Theater
KW Choir presents the children's musical, BIG SHOT - Facing Down Our Giants, Looking Up To God created by Celeste Clydesdale. On May 13, our cast of insects find out that the new owner of their beautiful garden wants to scorch the earth in a full-property extermination with a Goliath DX 100 machine. Some say run; others suggest they hide. But Pastor Mantis reminds them of God’s faithfulness in the past and they call upon the Lord to help them defeat Goliath.

Join us and watch our FBA Kids learn that God will use anyone whose heart belongs to Him, no matter their size or age. This presentation will be in lieu of our regular Wednesday evening service.


Vacation Bible School

June 22-26
Attention all adventure seekers: On June 22-26, 2015, FBA's kids, from Pre-K to 5th Grade, will embark on an action-packed expedition as we set out on a Journey Off The Map! We will discover that our walk with Jesus can sometimes take us through unexpected encounters, but He is always our ultimate guide. We can’t wait for you to join us at VBS this summer...an exciting journey to uncharted territory awaits you!


Kids' Worship & Arts

Wednesdays | Kindergarten - 5th Grade
6 p.m. | Kids' Worship & Arts Electives

6:45 p.m. | Kids' World Power Hour
FBA Kids' Worship & Arts is where kids will experience worship through music and the arts, grow in their development of their God-given talents and share their gifts in a fun, safe environment.


The Great Sky Bridge Showdown

Sunday Mornings
April 12 - May 31
9 a.m. & 10:45 a.m.
Children's Theater

Whether it's huge towers, strong walls or gigantic boats, the Bible is full of incredible stories about construction projects. In this new series, we will learn about some of those projects. So put on your hard hat and tool belt, and let's get ready to build a life that is pleasing to God!


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